I sit here watching the rain from my window,
Feelings of comfort fill my heart.
The sky groaning and moaning…pounding,
A demonstration of the mighty clouds,
Releasing waters from its soul,

Casting an aroma of wet rejuvenation upon the earth’s crevices.
Moving clouds,
Expressing themselves with different forms.
It calms,
Then once more its liveliness awakens with acoustic alchemy,
A grandiose light show spilling its soul,
As if a big release of emotion is let upon us.
It subdues but not for long,
She has more to share,
The sky frees its feelings from deep within,
Cleansing her soul and Mother Earth bellow.
Perhaps danger could come from it,
Even though seeming violent at times…a breathtaking beauty is apparent,
There can always be fury and fear,
There can always be beauty,
We can decide to go outside unarmed,
Run, run through the rain drops,
Taste her… drink her beauty,
As a free spirit,
Or we can choose to fear the sky,
Staying tucked away in the safety of locked doors.
Rejoice, embrace all that nature, life has to o
sing her song with her…


Location: Maui, Hawaii.




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