Dancing in the Woods Under The Moonlight


Here at home I often go at nighttime to the forest and dance this is what inspired me to write this:


I enter the woods,
The peacocks elegantly on the trees,
Dreaming the night away,
The cats…my night’s companions…approach, dashing to greet me as they know my routine.
The smell of the moist ground.
I take off my shoes,
Allowing my feet to touch the Earth and be one,
Twigs from the pines beneath my soles.
I am surrounded by the night’s darkness,
Comfortable…secure in its presence…
At home..among the trees…
The sound of water flowing,
The occasional cry of an owl.
All awakening in me a wish to breathe…to dance.
I close my eyes & pause…
Within me stirring my yearning to live…to fly free.
I take hold of my hula hoop,
Placing it tenderly around my waist..
I begin to twirl,
Round & round,
Providing my hips satisfaction..
To be in motion which they have so lovingly craved for.
The hoop from waist to hands,
Movement upon movement,
Traveling with the rhythm of the music.
I then transition to my pois..
Lighting them,
As I look up and gaze at the moonlight,
Glimpsing between the shadows of the trees,
Feeling invigorated, revitalized,
Such an extraordinary sight.
No desire to be anywhere else but right where I am.
Inspiring more movement within my body,
Creating green patterns,
Flashing from side to side,
Sinking deeper into trance..
Into expression,
My heart glowing with Love, appreciation & joy.
As I let down my pois,
I sense it is now time for complete freedom…expression,
Boundless to dance, twirl, jump, surrendering to my body’s desire…
There is no thought,
Only feeling,
As I now feel on top of the world!
The happiest I could ever be!
Playing..rejoicing..around the trees.
Sometimes getting carried away,
Making silly movements,
That would cast a smile upon my viewers.
If the peacocks could only talk!  
I have completely surrendered…
Releasing all that is within me,
All feelings,
All emotion,
Connecting with everything around me.
Every bit of my body talking…
Legs & feet..
Each revealing a story,
There own unique expression.
I am as high as I could ever be!
Among nature..among the trees..


Location: Plaka forest, Kos, Greece.


Picture 552m.JPG


Picture 606m.JPG


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