Some of the Things That Make Me Feel In Love With The World

·  Dancing out in nature at nighttime

·  Writing children’s stories

·   Trees

·   People’s smiles

·   Children playing

·   Laughing the night away

·   Feeling the Earth beneath my feet

·   Inspiring quotes, conversations, talks.

·   Creativity

·   Music

·  Kind gestures

·  Candlelight

·  Looking up at a rainbow

·  Feeling the energy of ancient remnants

·  Listening to the rain

·  Nature’s colors

·  Swinging in a swing

·  Swaying in a hammock

·  Embracing

·  Kissing

·  Making love in the arms of my loved one

·  Gazing at fire

·  Delighting in the flavor of teas

·  Entering a cave

· Looking up at the moon and stars

·  Standing on top of Haleakala crater

·  The echoes of singing bowls and bells

·  Plumerias, sunflowers, proteas

· Surrounded by forest

·  Experiencing & learning new things

. Dancing.

· Sunset

·  Sunrise

·  Food/sweets/chocolate

·  Earth’s aromas

·  Caressing

·  Whenever I am among nature

·  Wildlife

. Solitude

. My melancholy

·  The hypnotizing sound of didgeridoo

·  Observing the intricate nature of insects in a garden

·  Seeing others happy..joyful..being themselves

· Exploring, travelling

·  Discovering new customs, rituals, ways of life

. Human Design

· Loving.

. Caring.

. Change.

. Basil and other smells.

. Not knowing.

. Being.



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