Single moments where time stands still,
Where smiles pour upon lovers faces…
Where hope is endowed with accompanied tickles of laughter,
Of fun and joy,
Running free in everlasting moment,
Sharing each other’s company,
In each others embrace…..
Holding hands dreaming about the future.
Our cells slowly pouring into love…..
Travelling gently through our bodies,
Soon to be swimming in the pool of loving energy!
Feeling on top of the world!
Where nothing could even cause a blink of an eye,
Immersed…in perfect unity,
The only vision is the eyes of my lover….
Unable to look away,
I’m hypnotized….
I have left this plane,
Travelling in the skies of my lovers soul….
Fairytales unfold….
We merge heart and soul!  


Location: Kos island, Greece.




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