The soul has no gender.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes

How often do people blame things on the mare difference in gender?
So often we hear “men are like that,”
“Women are this,”
“All men are the same,”
“All women are the same,”
We blame behaviors and generalize,
A grand mistake of humanity.
We rush to give up by saying this is how they are,
Creating a self belief that there will never be union,
Two separate beings that do not coexist,
Attacking one’s being,
All qualities can be found in all living things…
Vanity… insensitivity… consumption… materialism… joy.. ..sexism…violence…love…
It’s purely a human thing.
Just like creating generalizations about religion, race, ethnicity…
You will find everything in all.
From small children we are brainwashed,
Men and women are opposites,
A task to get along,
Each gender holding certain qualities,
Taught to be in competition on who is better,
A clear distinction between what men can do and what women,
A woman’s role and purpose is clear,
So is the man’s!
Interests are different,
Otherwise something’s got to be wrong!
A boy cannot play with dolls,
Nor a girl with guns,
A pressure to fit into certain roles,
Blocking individual’s freedom of expression,
Of being,
Let go of silly prejudgments,
Allow each individual to be,
Without demeaning who they are,
There are no two alike in this world,
Everyone special,
Different stories…history…experiences to tell,
Open your mind,
Taking one person at a time,
Meeting an individual with a clear head,
No preconceptions,
Just be silent and open.


Location: Kos island, Greece.


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