Remnants of past generations,
Leaving our mark,
I take a stroll along the beach & wonder,
All the footprints,
Human…non human,
What stories they could tell.
One day I came across a footprint of a frog & wondered…
What a stupid story,
Kissing a frog to appear as a prince,
So silly,
Why there need be a prince?
Why not walk the path with all of humanity,
Hand in hand,
Leaving behind footprints of peace,
Working together as a whole,
Why could the frog not represent kissing nature?
Embracing the world as a whole,
Loving one another,
Rather than needing one another,
Is a kiss with a frog so strange?
Mere matter of perception,
A mere little creature,
Filling our ponds,
Quaking along,
Annoying at times,
But atmospheric at others,
Footprints belong to all little creatures,
All beings,
Shaping the course of this planet.


Location: Kos island, Greece.




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