Live Honestly

We are here to be who we are,
It’s that simple.
The world makes it difficult sometimes,
Having to follow certain rules…etiquettes…
What is considered “normal,”
Obligated to act, dress, be a certain way,
Otherwise seen as antisocial, strange, rude, selfish, weird or different,
As if something is wrong with us.
Is there really a “normal?”
When there are set systems in which we are to live

No one can be there true unique selves.
Everyone is so different but we are taught that we all must be the same.
If you really think about it – How absurd!
We can only be truly happy if we are ourselves,
The more we try to reject this,
The more we suffer.
Our purpose in life can only be achieved through this.
We play a certain role in order to fit in,
Be accepted by others,
The world does not want originality…individuality,
It wants control,
This way its safe,
No threats,
Keeping people in boxes,
We fear what we do not know right?
We reject what we do not understand,
Structure is safe,
If we are all the same,
Following the same routines…behaviors,
Then we can feel good about ourselves,
Because we are like the other,
So we believe in ourselves through the other,
Or we need the other to believe in oneself,
In essence we are fooling ourselves.
Forget what others tell you,
How you should act & do,
What do YOU feel?
What does your heart tell you?
Let’s love one another for who they are,
Not what we want them to be.
No matter what anyone says,
Be true to yourself.
You must believe in yourself,
Accept yourself,Love oneself unconditionally,
Then your life will be full of happiness.
Then there will be no misconceptions,

Being honest with ourselves means being honest with everyone around us.


Location: Kos island, Greece.





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