Just like that, a person can vanish from the face of the earth.

You are told they are gone,

But how can that be so?

Just yesterday you held them in your arms,

Greeting them…like every other day,

Suddenly there will be no hello’s…





The only thing that remains are your loved one’s possessions,

Clothes…accessories…books…keys & blankets,

Their worth now… priceless!

The only thing that remains,

That & pain…emptiness.

There is nothing to do,

You lie there helpless…hopeless,

Untouched by everything around you…

They have lost their meaning now,

Your head pounding,

The occasional burst of tears,


Then despair once more,

Nothing you can do or say,

No matter what…the person will never return,

The pain remains.

Everyday acceptance grows,

Little by little the absence becomes more clear,

Time will heal your wounds… slowly slowly,

Perhaps never clearing completely,

A scar will always remain,

Occasional sadness once in while,

Until one day all you remember are the positive memories…

Upon thinking of your loved one.

Cherish the good times,

The laughs,

The smiles,

The growth & learning’s…

The happiness,

The Love you both shared for each other,

Celebrate their life…

Their beauty,

Be grateful to have had the time you had…

Such an extraordinary gift.

Everything in life constantly changes,

It comes to an end,

Every cycle bears a beginning and an end,

The only thing that is constant,

That truly lives on forever…

Is the gift of Love.

Treasure that love,

Be grateful,

Affirm to yourself:

“I am grateful to have shared my life with you, for all the Love & happiness you gave me & I had the honor of giving you. All the moments no matter how short or long. I am grateful for being a piece of you… a part of your journey.”


Location: Kos island, Greece.

photos bellow by Giorgos Jeo.





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