Everything is movement,
Life is ever changing,
Cycles, seasons, constant evolvement,
Adapting, mutating, developing, our survival skills are constant advancement.
We all are growing expanding,
Growing older, dying, rebooting re-entering, re-growing, re-dying.
It is limitless,
We take in what we need, want & use it to create love,
Create life.
Enlisting the necessities,
Shedding the obscurities,
Its all a lesson,
A game we learn to stir in the direction of our choice,
It can be one of hardship,
One of easiness,
But always of  transition if so we choose & flow with what we are given,
Just pulsate with the heart of the planet,
Feel its rhythm & be one with it,
Being  still & listening,
The heart will never stop beating,
& so wont you,
So just relax into it,
Fell into it & a graceful journey will reveal itself to you.


Location: Facinas, Spain



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