Raindrops Teardrops

As I lay in bed,
I hear the sky’s pouring rain,
So heavily…
Releasing buckets of emotions,
I stand still & listen carefully,
Slowly, slowly I connect to the nature of rain,
It’s as if I am the rain,
I begin to follow its example,
I allow all hidden emotions deep inside to come thrashing through,
All expressing specific feelings,
A grand downpour of emotions,
Raindrops transforming into teardrops,
Accentuating the body’ s need for release…
Letting go,
A natural process,
An important process,
In order to provide new life,
Nurturing…rejuvenating with its nutrients all plant life,
Nurturing my soul’s sensitivity,
Acknowledging its needs…
Ceasing all past effects…
This way rebirth can take place,
Love can once again enter into the cells of my being.
The earth can take on new life,
Starting a new,
Fully refreshed in the moment.
Moving from one state of being to the next…


Location: Facinas, Spain.


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