What is it to be a mother?
A mother to the land, a child, a sister, a lover…a friend.
Perhaps one of the most beautiful words of all…
It encapsulates giving…loving…taking care…protecting,
The selfless act of extending happiness to another.
The gentle feminine energy spreading innocence, love, & kindness.
A coming together,
Soft yet strong…powerful,
Strong within herself,
Standing her ground,
A powerful force.
A time of intuition, instinct,
Growing a creature within her womb,
Giving life…
Birth…to mankind, plants, harvests, fields, mountains…all life.
A wolf teaching her cub how to hunt…
A scorpion carrying her offspring on her back…
A baby kangaroo in its mother’s pouch…
A glorious humpback whale travelling with her young across the ocean…
A sparrow scouting the land for worms to ingest into her little one’s mouth,
An oak tree sharing her form- home to ants, birds & so many others…
Providing shade to humans…
The sun rising & setting.
We are all mothers to each other,
But most of all let us not forget Mother Earth,
The greatest mother of all,
Providing us with shelter, food, a home, fun, joy, adventure…life.
She establishes her boundaries,
Stands strong within herself.
Follow her example.


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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