Wild Woman – Pele

Like the wild woman.
Fierce…you cannot bring her down,
Control her,
She is true to her inner self,
Her true colors evident,
She is her own self.
She lives in the land…
The trees…
She is alive.
More alive then you imagine.
She is not to be feared,
Quite the opposite,
She is to be respected…
Admired as she is kind & all loving,
She is who she is,
Not what you want her to be,
What gives you security & comfort.
She is different as all wild women are,
She is different…because she is herself,
Which most of us put aside,
Trying to conform to other’s expectations,
Fit in,
However this is not how it should be,
Let go…THRIVE…not survive.
Embrace your femininity or masculinity,
Your true essence & power,
It is a gift,
Nothing more,
Nothing less,
She establishes her boundaries,
Allowing her body to pour…

Her lava is a warning,
An understanding that she cannot be owned,
Like any animal, plant, tree, mountain, sea, or lava…
For we can only own ourselves,
Our actions,
Our thoughts,
Our words.
Pele expresses her emotions…
Let it be anger…rage…sadness…love…passion…joy,
Letting her true feelings show,
She does not hold in…suppress…submit.
She is who she is & proud of it.
She CANNOT be tamed…


Location: Big Island, Maui.




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