A special premise, initiation into life.

A starting point of a new journey,

Awareness, temptation, love, joy, sadness, hurt, regret…

All part of the course of life.

Celebrating one’s birth is sacred,

What would we do without these lessons?

These initiations?

A celebration of one’s heart & spirit,

Gifted into this world adding a special little unique blend into life,

The cosmos of perception,


Every day  every hour a new inspiration,

A new creation,

A new mix adding flavor into this large blend,

Special & unique.

Bringing forth hope and a big smile to mother earth.

Rejoicing for her newest edition to the family,

The family of earth.


Have fun,

Honor the gift of being,

As this is a special day indeed.


Location: Kahiki Nui, Maui.





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