Shared happiness.

I share my heart with you,

I share my blood with you,

You are part of me,

Siblings in this battle in life,

We both hold stamina,


Love & sacrifice,

As attributes of our personalities,

You are me and I you.

We love people,

Adhere to the requests of others,

Giving life & breath,

We are one of the same,

One people,

One culture,

One element,


We struggle with contemplation,

With giving,


We have much to learn from each other,

Much to suffer,

We are one of a kind,

Drifting in an endless wave,

Together we can create stability, nurture, balance,

On a path of self-discovery & discovering each other,

One will create self- discovery for the other,

You shall meet,

you shall thrive.


Location: Kahiki Nui, Maui.


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