The Sea & I

The sea is the whisper of calmness to my soul,
No matter how crazy, angry, sad, diverted, influenced…
I may get from the world around me,
The moment I step foot upon the sea’s bearings…
It simply washes away.
I can breathe in its surrendering flow,
Leaving only one thought in my mind…
“That’s exactly what I needed.”
I allow the waves…it’s rhythms,
The water,
The magical colors of the sunset,
The turtles once in a while peeping heads,
The occasional crabs,
Rocks & clouds…
To guide,
I listen carefully to their wisdom.
I invite you to try it,
Maybe you will be surprised,
At the messages that could unravel along your path.
Take a stroll along the sea under the night’s darkness…
In solitude,
With the stars lighting the way,
No noise other than the pounding of the waves…
The wind gracefully brushing against your hair,
Close your eyes & feel it,
Become the vastness of the sea,
Walk gently, dance, run, play,
Make drawings with your palms among the sand ( although you probably cannot see),
Whatever your heart desires!
Be free…
Feel the sand…
The earth beneath your feet,
Enjoy the night away (just don’t trip over a stone like I did 🙂 ). 



Location: Maui, Hawaii.




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