The World System

What is happening in Greece right now involves the WHOLE WORLD not only us. It is not about Greece, or the fault of any specific country it’s about a system, the world system that is built purely on profit.  A system that clearly doesn’t work and needs to change. Look at the world around you. We are brainwashed on a daily basis, we follow what we are told without asking any questions. We think we have freedom but we don’t. This is no one else’s fault but every single one of us. It is each of us responsibility to be aware, in our everyday choice, to live the life we want not what is given us to believe it the only way. It is about standing up for our rights.

Culture after culture, country after country has fallen victim to this system, so much beauty has been lost. Each culture, country, individual has a right to live the way they want. Unfortunately Greece has fallen victim to this, we became part of a system which is not us, systems and rules that are not something that represent or we are capable of doing. It is not our culture or way. The result has been catastrophic.  We have become pawns, its all a big game.  The system has no true interest in helping any single culture or country…it never has. It doesn’t mean that the people don’t but the system surely never has, its only interest. We must become more aware.

No matter what unfortunately at this point for Greece its not good. If we break free we will have to struggle for many years but at least it will be our responsibility, under our rules, our culture. We will have to start from the beginning however it will not be the first time. Nevertheless it is about taking a stance, saying NO. Taking back control…Standing up for all nations, cultures, countries, that have been destroyed and taken away from the people in the name of “progress’ and interest. It relates to ALL OF US!! It is the same thing with the whole Monsanto GMO fight, it involves the whole planet. We must wake up, break away from the brainwashing and the media that feed us only what they please. Each one of us must listen to our inner self what we feel is right , or what our intuition tells us not what we are blind fully told. Let not what has happened to others and what is happening now to us be in vain. Take it as an example a time to rise up from our DEEP SLEEP!

Each culture’s pain is everyone’s pain; each loss is everyone’s loss.  Every river that is poisoned, every forest cut down, every ocean polluted, every animal that disappears..its affects us all. Until we learn to live like this and understand this and take care of each other or at least respect each other we are just going to self destruct. 


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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