Syrian Reality

     People running for cover. Fleeing their home. From one moment to the next their reality changing just like that. Their job, homes, village, town, country no longer. What they thought stable & everyday life vanished. They flee trying to save their lives & that of their children. It doesn’t matter where…that’s not important, the first boat they can get on, or border they can pass. Anything is better than this, away from the bombs & killings. Whether they survive the boat trip doesn’t matter. If they stay they are doomed anyhow. Boatmen illegally promising them passage to a new land, a new life…safety. Taking advantage of one’s misfortune, instead of taking the opportunity to give back to other’s what has been given to them.

   They give whatever money they can as now it has lost its value. Fear in their heart, shock, heartbroken, terrified…all they want is to get out of harm’s way. There is no time to think, to calm, – purely automatic survival mode. Fear, nothing more. They hop on a boat which most likely is not going to make it to land. Whether they die by drowning or on land at least they tried. They tried to find a better place, a new life.

    If the waters grant them safe passage, a whole new adventure, hardship begins. They are stuck in one place, still far from their destination. They need cover, food, water, supplies…documents. Locals, individuals struggle to provide them with all of this & medical care. Countries  already struggling…trying to help. Responsibility fallen on individuals. Those with power, money –governments and institutions sitting back, observing but not moving.

     How easy it would be if there was unity, organization, structure, will in this world. Cooperation among all countries. When it really comes down to it there is no “higher power,” government, system working for the betterment of all, simply the illusion of it so we have something to feel safe. The power lies in everyone individually. There is lack of unity, but this is also an opportunity for uniting, growth…every experience is. We learn, we grow, and we evolve.

   How boundaries, borders, land has been privatized, separated, owned, so that when one is being shot at and wants to live seeking new land they can actually be told “STOP! You must return to the bombings & die, this is not your country, your land..go get papers and then come back.”

    Insanity……..Should it really be this way? It does not take much to feel some compassion, some empathy. All it takes is some cooperation, working as a whole, and then it could be so easily manageable…avoiding the drama….the selling and profit made by the media’s portrayal.

   I wonder…is it a lack of heart, unity or a lack of structure, organization & system? I am not sure, maybe both. Maybe a lack of awareness but definitely a chance, an opportunity for improvement. Changing, improving a system that does not work. An opportunity for change towards the better, moving into a more loving, compassionate, direction. Are we going to cease that opportunity?


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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