What Do We Know? 

Will I survive? I do not know.
Will I give in? I do not know.
Will I allow? Again I do not know.
Is life beautiful? Yes.
Do I know what to do? No.
Does it matter? No.
Shall I be a bird & let the breeze take me on a roll? Yes.
Will I meet resistance?  No.
Should I just  go? Yes.
Flow? Yes.
Do I know? No.
Does anyone know? No.
What do we know?
We think we know,
But its all a go.
Mystery, adventure – if we only go.
But we do not go.
We remain fighting against the current,
Against who we are…
Against life.
Pretending to have the answers,
But are there any single answers?
True for me…not true for you.
True for her…wrong for me.
For them reality…for us distortion.
Magic for one…hell to the other.
There is no single answer.
It requires exploration, courage, bravery, seeking & allowing.
Otherwise someone else’s life becomes yours.
Perseverance against all odds…
To be who we are…
To follow our truth…
Our reality.
The most difficult battle of all yet… the simplest.
Be who you are.
Everybody has the answer & no one has the answer.
Embodying that we know everything and nothing. 


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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