Movies, Stories, the Same Themes


    I was watching an animation last night and I just started wondering…why does there always have to be a battle of some sort in movies? Good people vs. bad people? Villains vs. heroes…violence to determine the winner?…the theme is always the same…why can’t there be a story without a final battle…or a villain? Especially with children’s cartoons…are we not being fed from a young age..only one side? One reality? In a way brainwashed… It seems very odd to me…how we came up with this concept which just suddenly became the predominant truth??? Or reality? How so many things in our daily life we follow as truth or the way when it is simply just a small little way in an infinite abundance of choices…but yet we all accept it as our daily life as the only way as the truth. This goes for many things in our lives…most things.
But lets focus on movies and books the stories…95% have the same theme over and over again…is that negatively affecting us? Seriously why does there always have to be a physical battle as if that’s the only solution..and there is always an us vs. them? A murderer, an offender?

There are so many ways that stories can go and so many creative expressions they can take which many do but again most follow the same theme. How about in children’s books? Why must there be a bad wolf? Three angry bears? What is this obsession? Can there not be a beautiful story without an offender who most likely at the end will be killed as they will always be evil? Why do we not question these things? It seems to create a big separation from one another..and a strong belief that there I always evil…or struggle..why cant the wolf help red riding hood find her way to her grandma and have an amazing fun journey getting there? Can the story not be interesting unless there is danger? Adrenaline..or violence? Does this give people comfort? What affect does this have on us seeing it over and over again?…a repeating pattern. It is like addictions..or the over consumption of anything …in small dosages harmless but in large dosages highly destructive …there should be a balance I am probably not explaining this very well..and I am not trying to be judgmental on the contrary I am I find it very strange in my eyes…I am wondering…who comes up with a concept and it just blindly becomes the way? The norm? Its interesting…….


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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