Kaimi: The Cougar


     Once upon a time there were these pair of shoes…ancient, & mystic. A pair of shoes you say? Yes. But they were unlike any others. Beneath these skin colored moccasins lay a symbol, a secret symbol that reveals a story. One of bravery, mockery, endeavor.

    It goes like this…once upon a time there was a cougar named Kaimi. Kaimi roamed free, upon the mountains, spending his time running, climbing, playing, exploring. Such a beautiful life he had. He especially liked this particular cave deep in the mountains. A cave decorated in magnificent flowstonesstalactitesstalagmites, and helictites.

      He loved it so much that he would visit it daily. As he entered he would take a deep breath and breathe in that refreshing air & sigh in content. Every cell in his body would tingle in joy as he knew an adventure lay ahead. Admiring the stalactites, and stalagmites how they changed each day, their shapes transforming  the landscape, constantly moving and changing…this cave was huge! It was endless. Kaimi knew there was something special about it.

      This was Kaimi’s favourite thing to do, to explore the cave’s crevices.  He would take different paths each day. Sometimes he would come across water, which meant play time as he would jump up and down, splashing the drops high in the air all over the crystals and stalagmites accentuating their beauty…so that they almost looked like they were shinning. He had even made friends with the bats that dwelled in the cave. Sometimes if it became a little dark they would direct him, telling him which way to go so he could never get lost no matter how far he ventured.

       There was one bat in particular he was really good friends with,…Oread. Oread enjoyed exploring the cave with Kaimi too, so they began to explore the cave day after day together with enthusiasm in their hearts at what they would find. Each day sprang a new surprise. Oh the things they would find! Once they even found some ancient carvings on the stones from early ancestors, another they found ancient coins, somehow this cave every day presented them with the gift of finding something new. Whether that was a strange looking flower, a rectangular shaped insect with colors unlike what you have ever seen, an oddly shaped crystal. There was always a new discovery!

      One day they went further down the right side of the cave then they had ever been. Oread stopped and said “You know Kaimi, have you ever noticed that this cave is never completely dark? It is unlike other caves. Here wherever and no matter how far we roam it seems to light up just enough so that we can always see. Almost as if someone is turning on a switch every time we pass through.” “Hhhhmmm…” said Kaimi. “You’re right.” He walked in silence for a little while but soon was distracted by the stunning colors of the stones.  In front of them were two ways they could go. “Which way?” Asked Oread. Kaimi looked to the right and saw a red iridescent color. “Let’s go this way.” He answered.

     As they went down the path the red became brighter & brighter, until they were immersed within the red light energy. They could not see past the red light it was so bright. As they entered what appeared like a room the brightness lessened. “Where is that coming from?” said Kaimi. He looked around and on the wall saw an image of these shoes. They were moccasins. He tilted his head to the side in curiosity as to what could those shoes be. Slowly, slowly he drew closer to the wall. They were lit up, however there was movement above and around them…a gold energy making circular movements. Kaimi was hypnotized. Suddenly red color started pouring out of the shoes drawing a symbol. Kaimi continued to look in silence and taking a few steps closer so that he was nearly touching the wall. The symbol began to swirl around his head…then moving around his whole body. He stood in perfect stillness with closed eyes. He felt serene, tranquil, happy…Encircled within a red/golden energy. It felt as though it was part of him, almost as if discovering a part of himself, reuniting. The symbol then made its way to his heart and entered his body becoming part of his heart. That moment he saw an image! He then jumped back and opened his eyes, surprised and the shoes slowly slowly faded away.

     Oread flew over to him landing on a beautiful emerald green rock above him. “What did you see?” she asked him. Kaimi with a smile on his face and sparkles in his eyes said“time to go.” They exited the room & as they turned around it disappeared. The room was no longer. Kaimi turned to Oread and said “I know now what we shall name this cave? “Oh reeeaaalllyyy? What would that be?” said Oread. “The Answer To Your Dreams.” Oread smiled with happiness in her eyes. A green light began to surround her & she slowly vanished. Kaimi was sad to see her go but he knew somehow, somewhere he would be meeting her again.

    He exited “The Answer  to Your Dreams” feeling grateful for all the experiences he had had and knowing it was the last time he would be exploring and seeing this cave. He said thank you & uttered one of the gentlest & most musical roar you have ever heard.

      What did Kaimi see that day? Well that my friend….that…is another story. 


Kaimi means seeker.

 Oreads are the nymphs of the mountains and caves.


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