Our Not-Selves

We live in a world that follows certain rules, there is a system…a pattern. If you do not obey, you are judged, an outcast.  No matter what being yourself…different or purely being true to yourself is the most difficult thing to achieve on this planet.

It is frowned upon simply put. A system is safe…secure..we know it therefore it is not a threat. Oh but if we do something a little dissimilar immediately there is resistance, fear!…we must all be the same…it is familiar we understand it. Is not one of the goals of life change and improvement? Nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement of ourselves, the world, we are not all knowing beings, is it not a narcissistic concept to think so? This and that is the right way? Do we not live in a narcissistic world? A world that does not favor individuality? Is the revolution that is taking place now not a fight for the right to be ourselves?

Who are we to say this is the way? It is never “the way” but OUR way & we all have an equal right to follow our way. The suppression of that..the suppression of who we are is the cause of unhappiness, the destruction of self,  the environment…the cause of war. Who made up this system, this way? Who makes them God? Are we not capable of being ourselves? Creating what we want? Being what we want? Are we afraid of it? Do we need a system so that we can be good people? Are we being real then? We do not need to be a certain way, we are naturally that way…but afraid of it. Causing us to be dishonest with ourselves and everyone around us.

If we are being fake and doing it just because it is the right thing…what is the point? It is still a lie. If something does not serve to empower the system to follow “the way” well then it is not “good” it is selfish. What is true selfishness though? Is it to be truthful, honest & who you are & act according to who you are…because you really feel it and want to? Or is selfishness to be a robot..to do things because that’s what “good” is but truly down you don’t want to? It is not really you  but that is what is proper? What good is it if a person spends a lifetime doing ”good deeds” if the drive is insecurity, desire to be loved, power or whatever other self sustaining purpose? What is more valuable a person that gives you a flower, hug from the bottom of their heart or a kiss because they truly feel it? Or someone that gives you a 1,000 dollar gift to win you over? Sometimes those who seem to give or do good things are doing it for the wrong reasons..it is actually selfish reasons. Those who truly do out of their heart are true to themselves, not seeking anything in return..honest with ourselves.

Is the source of unhappiness in the world not that we deny ourselves of who we are? Are we not all different? Do we not all have our own way? Our own feelings? Bodies? Perceptions? Beliefs? Is not the greatest gift to watch someone be themselves happy doing what makes them happy?  Why is that so threatening? Isn’t that beauty? We all bring in something into the mix..every single one of us. However society essentially everyone of us tries to diminish that. Using technology in a way to make us feel comfortable, secure..we need to be all the same. It is too scary to be on our own. What will happen if I have to live “alone”, do something “alone,” go for a hike ‘alone?” “Be with myself? What a frightening idea!!! “ 

    The result?… we try to cling to people, religion, groups, society, culture, teams which there is nothing wrong with…if we are doing it for the right reasons, if it is real & not to fill that gap that we feel that fear that acceptance of who we are…the emptiness. The emptiness that no one, group or anything else can fill. That outside source so we make more & destroy  more & the greatest victim to this is nature. No one suffers more than nature. We take that which is unique, pure, being themselves and because we can abuse & destroy that..it is a threat maybe a subconscious one. It stands alone, true to itself, loving giving. A tree never tries to be like a rock, the ocean like a forest, they are secure within themselves so they all work together in unity. It doesn’t apologize for being what it is. It just is. There is perfect balance and harmony..that is until we disturb the balance. Is nature not the greatest teacher of all? All is real, honest & allowing to be who they are, It is loving, …THEN the system works.


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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