Alone in the Forest


The sun is departing,
I watch its beauty…mystical through the trees,
It’s spectacular light emitting through the branches.
I float through in between the forest following it,
Always keeping its rays upon my face.
I lean up against the tree feeling its beauty,
Its power penetrates my skin, my eyes, my nose…lips…all lit up by the sun.
Around me there is shadow but I stand in the light of the sun.
I feel….
In love.
I begin to move my hands, to dance to its rhythm,
Body, soul, and spirit…forest, sun as one.
I feel them,
That feeling is transformed into dance.
Alive, every cell vibrating moving,
Arms in between the branches of the tree,
Leaning forwards, backwards…
Wrapping around the tree.
There is no thought just being,
The sun becomes more breathtaking each second,
More vibrant,
Descending lower & lower.
This moment is all that matters,
Here in my home.
There is only peace & tranquility.
I move from tree to tree,
I follow as the sun changes its location,
The places lit by the sun become fewer and fewer.
I have surrendered in its journey.
Always keeping my eyes directly in the light,
Arousing a feeling of ecstasy.
The sun is almost gone.
I pause and remain silent,
I take a deep breath & breathe out,
Allowing everything unnecessary to leave me.
I drift further into relaxation…


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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