My 32nd Birthday Wish


     My birthday wish this year on January 9th is for you to pick your favorite aspect of nature may it be the forest, mountains, a particular flower or plant, stones, an insect, grass, sand, an animal, a rainbow, anything! Whichever one is special to you or draws you the most. Sit for 32 minutes and contemplate and or write what this particular part of nature brings to you. How does it make you feel? Why is it special to you? How has it changed your life or made it better? What feelings does it bring up inside you? Any particular memories associated with it? If you are a musician you can write a song or melody about it, if you are a dancer you can answer through dance. Whichever ways your answers come and want to be expressed.

You may share your answers with someone, or right here (in the comments), or keep it to yourself 🙂

Take this time to turn inwards forget about the outside world, relax and enjoy.

May you be surrounded by endless Love, health and happiness.


Location: Maui, Hawaii.



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