My Version of Courage 

   Picture 149-2m


  For me the biggest kind of courage is no matter how much you have endured in your life time, no matter how much hurt, pain, sadness, disrespect, cruelty you have faced that you keep on being who you are. You do not lose who you are. It is only natural we will get lost along the way, to be able to forgive yourself for that and get back on track, that is courage. If you never were on that path, to find that path. No matter how much you have been conditioned by the people and world around you, you still find the courage to follow your heart.

No one said it is easy. What if it were easy? Everyone’s path is different but ultimately it comes down to doing what is right for yourself not what others tell you, believing in yourself. In essence loving yourself and not getting lost in the other, courage to speak your truth and not get taken by the mass energy around you. Living your life and not having others live it for you. No matter how much resistance following one’s heart, one’s course, no matter how many obstacles, placed on your path. That is courage.

To love yourself, be in touch with yourself, respect yourself, give and say no. Learning to say no is actually quite difficult, not being driven by fear, insecurity, or guilt. Being honest with yourself and gentle. If you do not start with yourself how will you do it with anyone else?

The biggest love you can give to the world is loving yourself. If we all began there, there would be peace in this world. There is a need for balance. You can try and jump off parachutes, lift weights, win a basketball match, make a lot of money, manage a business, have a family, climb mount Everest but it means nothing if it is not you, if it does not fill your heart. The simplest act can be the most courageous.

The most courageous act you can do in your life is being you…being human.



Location: Maui, Hawaii.


Story behind photo above of woman:

I met this woman many years ago when I was going around the island taking photos of women for my photo exhibition. She was in her yard smiling with her green shirt and scarve and I walked up to her and asked her if I could take a photo of her. She didn’t say anything she just knotted when in her house and came out with a brush and started brushing her hair. She was just so gentle and lovely and sweet. She really enjoyed it 🙂




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