Broken Hearts

 Aloha Aina


    I was on a website that has different writings, poems, etc. and I noticed something under the title broken heart. All of them referred to it as a result of a breakup in a romantic relationship. I looked online out of curiosity and again same thing. Why is a broken heart associated only with this?

Can you not be heartbroken for other reasons? Beyond romantic relationships or even more beyond the human spector? How about for the environmental destruction that is happening in the world? The loss of lives..the loss of ancient wisdom…of culture…the loss of land, the cutting down of trees, the cruelty against our fellow beings? Can you not be broken hearted as you watch the oceans being polluted? People walking in the streets unaware, disconnected and unhappy? Can your heart not be shattered while seeing everything through eyes of love?

We are not talking about just pain. A broken heart is something very deep, it involves loss of hope where it is nowhere to be seen. The deepest level of pain when the pain has created a crack in your existence… despair. Something gradual. There is no solution to be seen, nothing can mend it in your eyes at that moment in time.

Why is this focus though placed on a man and a woman? I have always wondered about this….my whole life. When you hear the word love every one immediately visualizes a man and a woman in a loving affair! In love floating in the clouds. Look at the movies, books and songs it is pretty much always about that.  Is this the only type of love people understand or can relate to? Is this not only one tiny aspect of what love is? Does it not extend beyond just the other gender or close person in your life? Is love not so much more?

Love for your fellow human being, for a stranger, for all of humanity, for self, the flowers, plants, trees, the oceans, for life? How can love be biast? Picky? You do not choose to love you cannot turn it on and off, you cannot love someone one minute and not the next. Love is eternal, everlasting, constant. Once you allow it in your heart it remains.

I imagine a relationship between a man and woman is a beginning towards the understanding of love, the initiation, a good start as it is so much more. I never understood when people say for example I love dogs but I do not like cats. Or I love animals but I hate snakes or spiders. How can you make a distinction? How do we generalize and say I love cats, there will be cats that you love and cats that you do not get along with, it is individual to the personality of the cat. I always wondered should there not be more songs or movies that move beyond seeking love from another rather than loving oneself, love of life, and nature? I wonder….

Maybe instead of being conditioned we should begin to get in touch with who we are, what gives us joy, and happiness. This way we will not have the need to be loved, creating boundaries, walls, we would be open to just be and maybe just maybe then we could just be love.


Location: Maui, Hawaii.



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