For Those Who Love The Night

    Night’s sense of mystery…the stars…the moon…the mystic. My favorite time out in nature has always been nighttime. I feel the most comfortable then. It seems unnatural to remain indoors after the sun has gone to sleep. The owls appearance…the hedgehogs that come out to play. The wave’s sound seems so much more vibrant and alive. There is just something about it! It has always been my favorite time to dance out in nature. I never understood those comments “At night out alone!” “Aren’t you afraid?” I have always felt quite the opposite. I always felt the safest. The night is a friend to me. I feel completely at home, comfortable. Its essence is so clear…dynamic…more alive than ever. I don’t know. Maybe my friends are right for naming me Owl and others Moth…


Location:Maui, Hawaii while camping







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