I Am Back…

I am back (well physically) from my solitude trip out by the ocean. No one but me and nature.  No towns, no lights, or people. I got to experience going to sleep and waking up with nothing but the sound of the ocean waves. A feeling very familiar what I have been use to most of my life. The first night I was surprised to discover it was full moon. I slept the best I have in a very long time every night. I enjoyed being creative in lighting a fire each night.

The second night as I was sitting by the fire I had a feeling to walk out by the water and open space. I walked out, and across from me was the moon peeking out from behind the hill rising. It looked MASSIVE! It took me a second to realize what it was. I had the honor of watching it come up from over the hill. Now this was SPECTACULAR!  I enjoyed watching the sun set and lying out each night watching the clear sky full of stars before the moon came out.

Before going on the trip I had one wish. To see the humpback whales which I have not seen since they have been back. The second morning as I was lying and gazing at the ocean two humpback whales appeared. The baby kept leaping out of the water and splashing over and over very playfully. I got to watch them for about 15 minutes. I got my wish 🙂 Lets just say it was very special.

Later on in the day upon exploring the surrounding area I came to a heiau (a Hawaiian place of worship) and as I sat down to meditate, immediately across from me in the ocean these two adult whales jumped out completely out of the water straight up in complete synchronicity almost as if they had rehearsed it and splashed down. It was magnificent!…and just like that they disappeared.

I enjoyed the company of these two dragonflies that remained throughout the whole trip. The last morning I discovered what was making that noise during nighttime…a huge mongoose. I completed writing my children’s stories and wrote about 12 pages of stuff and finished reading my favorite book which was gifted to me in March.

I grew a new appreciation for Kaupo area. The biggest gift of all? Well that I will keep to myself.

It feels very strange being back.

I am…emotional…grateful…honored, and…silent. I am back but not back…….

Malama i ke kai, a malama ke kai ia oe (care for the ocean and the ocean will care for you). 


Location: Maui. Hawaii.







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