I am my Favorite Person to be With

The awareness just came to me that I am my favorite person to be with. I LOVE spending time with myself. I could never get “bored”  or shall we say have a lack of attention span. I crack myself up, I have fun, I laugh, play, I get to choose whatever I want, whenever I want, I create anything, do anything how great is that? Especially in nature it is a never ending fascination. There is so much to do, see, observe, be!

On rare occasions I could get “bored” around people and it is not that the people are boring by all means. It is that the energy between us at that point in time is not correct and there is nothing wrong with that. It is just not where I am suppose to be.
In fact the only time I could get bored is when I am doing something I do not really feel I would like to do.

How many times in your life do you spend time with people out of guilt, because it is expected, it is customary or proper, something you are suppose to do otherwise you will be considered rude or judged?

That is something I have done rarely in my life because I just couldn’t. For me it was being dishonest to myself and to others as it did not feel fun or happy. What is the point if it does not feel good? This is why I do not have this expectation from others. You ask a friend would you like to do this? Friend says no. Does it matter? No. What fun is it if the other is doing something just to please you? I actually really respect when people are honest. I do not take it personally if they do not feel they would like to do  this with me or for me. If it does not feel good for them it is perfectly fine with me. I makes no difference. What gives me joy is for the other to be enjoying themselves with or without me otherwise I am off by myself which is just as good.

It can be wonderful you know just to spent time with yourself. I understand those who like to be around other people all the time. Good for you. I choose and just love to be “alone” most of the time. Alone is not the correct word as we are never “alone.” I have spent most of my life in solitude and never felt alone. Actually the times I have felt “alone” is when I was in big crowds of people.

How could you be “alone” in nature??? There you have the biggest crowd imaginable and amount of life! There are trees, plants, flowers, rocks, insects, the earth. It is crawling with life!!! How can that be considered alone? We humans sure are a weird lot!!

Spending time with humans can be as equally as satisfying and beautiful however there is no difference it is all part of the same thing, and so is being with yourself, and I so enjoy it!


2012-09-23 18.53.02.JPG

2012-09-23 18.55.40.JPG

2012-09-23 18.55.44.JPG

2012-09-23 18.57.41.JPG



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