Our Bodies = Awareness

How often do we ignore what our body is telling us? Has it ever been wrong? We meet someone, our body signals us immediately whether this person is bad news for us or not. It knows…we know. We tend to get caught up in our heads though.

Our bodies are indeed all knowing. They are aware of what is good for us, foods, people, environments…things. In fact no one else knows better what our bodies need than our bodies themselves. They are constantly pointing us in the right direction.

Even with pain or any other ailment. What if our body is trying to get our attention? What if it is actually a good thing, a gift. It offers us self discovery…awareness. If we choose to be ignorant we will ignore our body we will judge it, view it as separate, as a burden, as a victim. Oh! and how often do we play that game? Our bodies are never victims, they are only victims to our stupidity.

What if pain, allergies, diseases, injuries are simply our bodies trying to get our attention, to tell us something, beckoning us to wake up? The more we do not listen, the more it will cry out. We can choose to view it as a problem or an opportunity for self discovery and healing.

We can ignore it by taking pain killers and drugs but it will still be there. We are just choosing to be even more unaware. Your body knows…you know. We can choose not to remember certain things consciously, to bury emotions, but we are just fooling ourselves. They will never go away unless we choose to face them head on. To deal, and to basically care for ourselves and our body. To love, to appreciate, and nurture ourselves, and to be who we are. What if we are making it into something bad by ignoring it when in fact it is such a beautiful thing.

Your body never forgets. We just choose to be unaware, we allude ourselves. It comes down to awareness, we have a choice. We can ignore it and suffer or we can choose to listen and take care of our self. To realize our body is actually our greatest ally, our greatest gift.

Our bodies teach us awareness…


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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