Life as a Drawing


I have not drawn in years. As I was drawing just now I realized what if we lived life as if it were a drawing? Viewing everyone’s point of view, ideas, vision, drawings as that. In a drawing there is no right or wrong, no consistent patterns, no fixation. It is ever changing and simply individual to that person. Every painting and drawing can take on any shape. If you choose to draw a flower you can, you can draw a home and a horse, you name it! If you prefer you can just draw colors, swirls, and twirls. You can paint anything you want! Just like life.

Life is a drawing. You mural can be anything you wish and when you wish to create a new one from the start you can just grab a clean slate and start over or you can add to the pre-existent one. There is no room for judgment it is purely a matter of perception…its art! Well isn’t life the same? Have we just forgotten? Is there really such a thing as limitations?
You can choose to make anything any color you want. You can make any object perform any way you want.  What if life is a drawing?

I actually realized I draw the way I live. No plan, no specific objects, just symbols “non existent” ones. I have absolutely no idea what will be the result, where it is going to take me. What colors I will use, it unravels as I am going along. I simply begin and it evolves as I go along. Whatever feels right at that moment. I never start at a specific corner. I move about in random corners following my instinct.  It does not resonate with me to go a specific way because when I am there it might seem right to go elsewhere, I don’t know why, I just know and it evolves. At that moment it can go anyway. I do not start from left and continue towards the left. I jump from one to the other. Left to right, top to bottom, there is absolutely no specific sequence. The next move depends on what I created at that moment and what colors I used.

I enjoy that. Discovering new avenues, it could never be the same. If it goes a little of course the line since I am not aiming at a specific pattern or symbol I just go with it, I change it, it takes a different form evolving into something even better.
I have always said I can’t draw. Maybe it’s not that I can’t draw, maybe it’s that I cannot draw specific settings, objects, as they make no sense to me, I rather create my own.

What if life is a drawing?


Location: Maui, Hawaii.


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