Natural Cycles

Does nature not naturally move in harmony…in balance on its own? Constantly moving? Is it not when we try to intervene and block the natural flow that the balance is set off track? The more we try to control, and view it as wrong, something that needs to be fixed we add more imbalance throwing off nature’s natural cycle…our internal natural cycle.
Does nature stop and say “shit I should have done this yesterday or I must do this in order to have this?”

Or is it morphing in every moment, changing, choosing what is correct for it in that moment in time? Does an eagle decide “I can only find food at that specific location, at that time of the day, otherwise I am lost?” No.  It follows its instincts at that moment in time. It fly’s and attacks at the right moment.

Does an orangutan tell the tree when it needs to bare fruit so it may feast on them? Or does it move, adapt, and allow the tree to bloom when it chooses as it picks another tree that is bearing fruit at that moment?  It does not create limitations. The orangutan is free to be and so is the tree. If it does not work the orangutan moves on to another tree.

If it sat there with the tree arguing with it “no you must bare fruit now!” it blocks the natural cycle of the tree. Creating possibly an imbalance to the plants that live by it, and the insects that dwell on the tree and plants, causing all to go off their natural cycle.
The planet has its natural cycles that changes and adapts over time if they stopped, & judged it, chaos begins for the tree, the orangutan, and everyone around. The more each returns to their natural cycle the more balanced and restored everyone is. Things begin to fall into place.

The bear does not know what the cherry tree’s natural cycle is. Only the cherry tree knows.
Everyone is different. You can try and make conclusions, set of rules, theories, and remedies. All it will do is lead to frustration. “Why does it not work for me? “
Because you have your own rhythm, your own cycle, which you and only YOU can uncover. You already know it. Your body knows, you just have to remember how to listen. And that is the right cycle for you, no one else’s.

That is the beauty…the individual quarks and differences that make the whole.

Only we know how and where our center is.

May we all find our own center…our natural rhythm.



Location: Redmond, Washington.



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