The clearest step towards awareness is understanding there are no answers…. Only more questions..& acknowledging that this is ok. Why do we seek answers? Why do we need to have control? Why not let go and enjoy, experience the freedom of knowing that we don’t have to know? What we ‘know’ is constantly changing….life is constantly changing because of this. 

There is no single answer. The answer changes moment by moment. 

There is no ultimate truth. It switches, morphs…continues. In a way it is an illusion. Morph how you choose in this moment in time, share the experience, don’t share the experience. A choice is never definite….you can change and choose something else at any point.

Yesterday you made a certain choice, today you can choose something else as long as you don’t get stuck in yesterday’s choice. Then you solidify it, you stop the movement, it becomes stagnant, blocked, unnatural, nothing moves, nothing changes. Memories, feelings, will remain instead of popping in and out allowing for acceptance. Solidifying them turns them into something “wrong,” something negative instead of something natural & correct for YOU at that moment…a gift.

Life is movement observing, experiencing, taking in, and viewing it for what it is. If we personalize it, use our minds to create scenarios, interpretations which cannot allow us to move on..we get stuck, we get lost in a tornado.

What if a tornado comes along? Go wild! Follow it! Blast your way through, move with it do not run away…hide. Go into it express its blazing winds, be the tornado which shortly after will return to a pure breeze, nothingness….calmness. Would you rather become the tornado or the home that gets swept up by it? What feels more natural?

When you come across a large wave do you become fearful of it when you see it, judge it, view it as something “bad,” stop and get thrown over? Or do you see it and go “yay! How fun can this be?” Jump on a surfing board and ride the wave having a grand old time?

If you stop …everything around you keeps moving whether you move or not. Do not confuse movement with running around like a crazy person planning for the future doing what needs to be done. It is quite the opposite. Movement can mean stillness sitting by the ocean in solitude observing the waves..that is also movement maybe the largest movement that exists. It’s being there, present, not in the past, future, which no longer exists. That is your reality now.

The greatest relief is the awareness that we have choice at every moment in the day …we are bound by nothing! We have merely created this illusion…so forget what you think you “know,” “have to do”..what you choose for tomorrow , next year, and the next 10 years and choose right NOW for this moment.

At this moment I am choosing to sit by the lake, my feet gently touching the water, the sun shining on my face, and watching this adorable crazy looking tiny insect choosing to crawl on my arm not knowing where it is going exactly or why, but feels right for it at this moment in time. 

What do you choose?




Location: Washington.




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