Nature in Me

Sometimes I wish I was a bird,
A wild horse,
A beetle,
Or tree…
So I could roam free.
I always felt weird being in a human body,
As if it was not me…
The earth is more me,
The ground,
The mountains,
The water flashing down the river…
That is me…
My home,
My family,
My essence,
Wild and free.
Absurd to me…
The ordered structure…
Absurd to me.
I am wild…
A flower,
A plant,
Allowed to be me,
Spinning with the wind one moment,
A leaf drifting from a tree,
To a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower,
A squirrel running up a tree,
An olive tree stable in the ground,
A fig tree baring fruit…
I move on to become the rock solid rolling down the hill,
I am all of this shape shifting…
Experiencing it all….
It’s all the same you see.
Humans? Hhmm…
That feels a bit strange,
Not much in common there,
We are all here to roam free,
Humans decided to stray away,
Creating an awkwardness,
With all around them…
With nature which is…us.
Nature teaches you “Hey be you!”
”You are supposed to be you,”
“There is no other you,”
Feel comfortable in your own skin,
Your own bark,
Ground yourself within your roots,
Embrace your leaves…
Your mark…
Your fur…
Your teeth…
Your beak,
Feel your paws,
Ride your waves,
Recognize the nature within you…
The nature of others…
The nature all around you.


Location: Redmond, Washington.






One thought on “Nature in Me

  1. Your essance moves me. Bonding with like minds, opinions, and values is a discovery of a friend.
    My love of mother earth goes beyond of ownership, but stewardship of nurturing and appreachation.
    Yes, your essance moves me.

    Liked by 1 person

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