I have been growing this special I don’t know what to call it… appreciation, respect for herons. The first time I saw one in Vancouver I was taken by its majesty. All around people talking, yelling, moving, everywhere going, going , going, the beach fully packed and there stood the heron. Perfectly still . Fully unaffected… in the present. It just stood there so calm and centered. It was there in full presence. Such a drastic difference from the environment around it. It made no movement it was just there. I found that just by stopping and watching it, and connecting to it, being in that space myself. Returning to my center. Everything around me disappeared just me and the heron…well and the ocean.

Its value and understanding of life made him into a grand old teacher. Of course this type having those feathers that look like a beard added to the visual. It instilled that wisdom inside and out. Making no sound it was just relaxing with eventually the sun setting behind it. Observing, contemplating, the master zen peace. Since then every time I see one I am captivated.

Here on the lake there are a few that hang around on the decks. One I have named Mitso. I just love to watch them…just being , standing on the dock and after a while just flying away with their massive wings. I don’t know every time they are around I feel I return to me, to inner peace. And each day my respect grows for this creature and all each teachings. Again people around can be talking, splashing water, racing with their boats or on their ski jets, rushing, music playing, and there is the heron…perfectly still.

And for those who know about human design I would say Mitso is most definitely a 😉


Location: Sammamish Lake, Redmond, Washington.


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