Bald Eagle Whispers

One day a bald eagle whispered to me…
I am the bald eagle…
A warrior of the sky,
I fly courageously in the open air,
Fully visible,
I make my presence known,
My wings fully open,
I am free.
I soar in the skies above…
Possibly an easy target…
Yet I am free,
After all I am…flying.
I choose to live alive,
I am not afraid,
Well maybe sometimes,
Even so I do not shrink my wing span,
Or fly below the trees,
I remain high…free,
I am who you see.
A warrior of the skies,
I keep my head & body up high,
Dancing my dance,
Singing my song,
I am always what you see,
A warrior,
Up there in the sky.

“I have no fear! what is in store for me
Shall find me self-reliant, undismayed.
God grant my only cowardice may be:
Afraid to be afraid!” 
~Everard Jack Appleton


Location: Redmond, Washington




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