Celebrating My 21st Anniversary of Being Hit by a Car

I am in full celebration of my 21st anniversary of being hit by a car!

The most important gift I received was the awareness of the impact just one person can have on the world around them. How one event can shift reality just like that. Imagine what we can create!

What if we treated accidents, traumas, disabilities, and the people involved individually with no judgments?

What if they are not “broken,” or victims?

How much of what our experience of a traumatic event is ours or those around us?

Have you ever wondered with certain traumas, accidents, incidences, experiences, who is really the “traumatized” one? The person that actually has the experience or can it maybe be sometimes the people around?

What if doctors, nurses, therapists, healers, asked questions and had no point of view?

I am very blown away on the awareness on the affect, change, impact my accident had for the whole island I never was fully aware of it. Wow I created that!

Isn’t it amazing how much impact our life, events, actions, can have on others? Just one person can shift the reality of so many others!

All of this on the 21 anniversary on the 21st 🙂

Feeling extremely grateful, empowered, and joyess!

The article is bellow this post  entitled “Standing on My Own Two Feet: Part Two”




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