I am a snake,
Slithering on the ground,
The earth my home,
I resist…
My old skin is familiar, sentimental,
Letting go means no past, no future,
Everything vanishes,
Everyone and anything,
No traces left.
I try to hold on,
Yet I cannot break in the new without shedding the rest.
Will I feel comfortable in my new scales?
Will I be able to slither around freely?
Catch my prey?
Sense the environment around me?
I cannot know for sure.
I must have faith…
In me…
In life.
I struggle to let go,
It is secure, comfortable and safe.
Tears come rolling down my piercing eyes,
All memories dissipating,
Time for new ones,
Why hold on to that which no longer serves a purpose?
Transmutation from one level to another…
Honoring the process,
I take one last look at my old suit,
As I fade away,
In my serpentine movement.


Location: Redmond, Washington.


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