Re- Entering Canada


“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up”.

~Jesse Jackson

I had a very different experience at the border today than last time in Canada. This time the guards were professional and nice. First thing I was one told by one of the guards I had seen another time was “you come here a lot right?” That made me laugh. I provided the documents they had asked for and was questioned a little. It was such a huge difference though in the way I was talked to and questioned.It made all the difference in the world for me. I was very relieved after being traumatized the last time.

I was allowed in and have to go back in a month and get re-evaluated as I plan on staying until November but at least I did not receive any bad treatment. I actually had a really nice day starting by meeting a very friendly girl at the bus stop in Seattle whom I road with on the bus.

I lost the bus after I was kept for not very long at the border and the loveliest bus driver allowed me to get on his bus and take me to Vancouver. It was a beautiful ride as the sun was setting and had front view of its beautiful departure.  I went in with a different mind frame this time and I glad I did and it was a nice day.


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