Along the Seawall


   I went back to this special place along the seawall in Vancouver today enjoying my “solitude” with the company of the ocean, shells, rocks, and sun….mmmmm….I played with my feet in the water, enjoyed the sun upon my face & body, created art with the shells and contemplated my approach on my research project on nature and well being. There was nothing but me and nature for those hours as I watched the sun go to sleep. 

As I was walking back before the sun had gone to sleep entirely I took pleasure in the sunrays lighting my hair and a dragonfly flying by. Shortly after this group of ducks flew by making it a most gorgeous photo as they flew in front of the sun setting mountains and clouds in background.
As I turn around in front of me is the moon looking whole and massive the whole way… I would turn back and walk backwards looking at the really beautiful sky colors from the sunset..the purple, pink, blue orange behind and the moon in front…:-)

Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver BC, Canada.











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