Nature Appreciators


“The whole secret of the study of nature lies in learning how to use one’s eyes…”
George Sand

As I was awaiting for the beavers to come out yesterday I met a beautiful elderly woman. I saw from a distance and could see her appreciation of nature and the lake. We began talking about the swan there and she was telling me how it is the only one left that they removed all the others.

One of my goals was also to interview people on nature for my research and then she mentioned something about nature being healing. I then jumped at the opportunity to interview her. The more she talked the more I was thinking “she is an older version of me.”  She was saying how she doesn’t miss a day coming to the park, how nature has cured her from a stroke and multiple illnesses and how she finds such relaxation and beauty in watching the beavers and animals. She is quite a powerful independent woman and it was a joy talking to her and sharing our deep love of nature.


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