For Another & Others


Release the beast,
The dragon within…
Is about to EXPLODE!
Let go of your restrictions,
What if there were no inhibitions?
What if you were bold…
Let go of the fire!
Fuming your passions & desires.
What do you yearn for???
What if it’s possible & nothing is impossible?
Are you willing to find out?
A dragon is not meant to lie down and hide,
Pretend to be a rabbit, a squirrel, a mouse, or lion.
It is a DRAGON!
Stop hiding.
You cannot subdue the dragon…
No matter how much you try,
No matter what excuses…
Too tired,
Too weak,
Too busy,
Too small.
It wants out!!!
When it stretches its wings enveloping the sky…
There is NOTHING that can harm it,
NOTHING to fear.
It lives,
It is being,
Its scales now breathe freely…
Emotions and caring burst out in fire,
Becoming master of air & fire,
Of earth & inspire.
So that you may merge. 



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