Today’s Stanley Park Nature Adventures


Today’s Adventures:

Got to enjoy watching the same family of raccoons as last time. Someone left them a bunch of eggs so they were having a feast.

    Later on (my intuition already warned me earlier on I had the vision, but of course I ignored it) as I was taking some photos of dragonflies I drop the cap lens of my camera down it bounces and into the lake it goes! “Crap!” I sit there staring for a while “nah no way!”. Determination! I go looking for a branch I find a somewhat short one more like a piece from the berries with the thorns on it. I put it in water no luck. Still no way in hell am I not insisting. No branch around I go walking down the path find these women I ask them if they know how deep the lake is or actually its a lagoon, they look at me as if I am insane “no” and resume talking. “OK what if I can resume it with total ease?” I ask myself. I find some long branches. I walk back place it in the water doesn’t seem too deep, enough so I can get in without getting my clothes wet possibly. As it was kind of like a wooden deck thing I start maneuving myself down using my arms trying to get in gently in case its too deep and of course I cut my knee in the process of course. I get in and place my hand in the water and start moving it around to see if I feel it and vouala!! There it is! So happy for my deep determination sometimes 🙂

     I continue on the path and shortly after there is a spider web and two damselflies that were mating get caught. The one is really caught the other just a little it starts maneuvering itself over to the other as if trying to untangle it suddenly it gets out of the way the spider comes running. Bye bye damselfly number one. I don’t usually intervene but this time I felt so I gently untangled the other without harming the web. It sat on my hand for a while and then finally took flight. I could not get a good photo of the spider eating the damselfly as I did not want to bother with changing lenses. A really nice elderly women walks by taking photos she says how she has been trying to get a photo of the dragonfly in the air. I show her the spider as I know she will appreciate it. She has a great camera and gets amazing shots of the spider and damselfly. Felt content someone got a good photo 🙂

On the way again I step on a poor bee. Injury number 2!

I went to the rose garden that actually had roses now as the first time I had been there in April they were not blooming. Now they are everywhere enjoyed strolling around taking photos of them.

On the way back I see two other different families of raccoons 🙂 🙂 🙂


And after I get to witness the beautiful clouds.




A lovely goose that had a very calm presence.






The raccoons with their eggs.







The spider sipping the damselfly.


A squirrel along the way.


The rose garden:












I love watching the herons hunt for a fish. They just remain still and watch with their eyes until they make their move.


More raccoons.


The beautiful clouds:







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