Beautiful Planet, Ridiculous People


   Just because we live on planet unaware (otherwise known as stupid) does not mean you have to try and fit in and pretend you are stupid too. Ooops sorry I mean unaware. Shine that amazing light! shake that ass, be you, be different, be that crazy! Allow stupid to be stupid, ridiculous to be ridiculous. Do what brings you joy in that moment of time. Allow control to play in some other’s yard.
You can be the storm that sweeps through bringing a little chaos to this fantasy of control. Shaking it up! Lightening, wind, one direction then the other, a reminder to break this static not moving forward, day after day. Instead of blooming, evolving…changing.
Be the storm! The expression. Planet stupid cannot control you. You can be the storm, or fire, or the wind, then water, moving and changing constantly, no one else can stop you because….
You are not planet unaware.You are you! A tiger, a panther, a cougar, a crocodile. Wild! I know Planet Ridiculous can be annoying sometimes. But you have something they do not have or want! Change…Awareness of what lies beyond planet stupid. You can change form creating…
A planet AWARE.



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