The Story of “Serious & E.M.S.”


This is a small funny story I wrote spontaneously. I have been in a very non serious mood the last few days. I had just been listening to a radio show by an Access Consciousness facilitator, and then was chatting with a friend and some funny comments were made and I just felt inspired! I had a blast writing this!


If you prefer to read, here you go:

    Once upon a time there were two men “Serious” and “E.M.S.” (Even more serious). Everything in life had to be planned, every move, I mean every move! E.M.S. even had a specific schedule for the times he visited the poo room.

      One day his client was one minute late he shook his head and pointed to the clock. “I am one minute behind schedule!” he exclaimed, as he started to sweat with anxiety.  “You can poo one minute faster,” suggested Serious. “Brilliant! Phew!” said E.M.S.  E.M.S. proceeded with his day.

   Serious and E.M.S. lived together. E.M.S. could only live with Serious and Serious could only live with E.M.S.  Everything had to be perfectly ordered.  Even the plates were chronologically arranged from the date they were created. One thing you could most certainly never due is mix up the mugs! The red one was for coffee, the black for tea, the orange for liquor, the green for soda, the purple for jasmine tea, the pink for orange or lemon juice, the white for water and it went on and on!  Their motto was “order is what this planet needs.” Rules, laws, and regulations were God’s gift to the planet.

   That evening there was a knock on the door. Serious and E.M.S. looked at each other puzzled as they noticed the time. “We have no planned visit,” said Serious. “We do not have time for this,” said E.M.S. They ignored the knock in hopes it would go away. The door simply kept going.  “We do not have a choice,” they thought. “Ok, ok we will just have to sleep less,” said E.M.S. very annoyed as he rolled his eyes.

     As they opened the door they noticed it was a child. “Hello! I am Unexpected,” said the child wearing a purple shirt, green pants, and orange shoes.  Both Serious and E.M.S. looked at each other in terror.  “That does not match!” said Serious.  E.M.S. rushed over and rewrote their schedule placing Unexpected’s visit in there so it was not so “unexpected.”  “Ok, we are good,” he said to Serious.

   The child looked at them and passed gas. “Put that in your schedule,” he said as he laughed.  Serious and E.M.S. did not think this was funny at all. Unexpected began to look around the house. Everything followed every regulation known to mankind. “You may sit here,” said Serious, as he pointed to the chair that was marked “Guest.” “Why?” asked Unexpected. “Because it says “Guest” don’t you see?” answered E.M.S.  

    Unexpected sat on the floor. “I do not need a chair, the floor feels better,” said Unexpected. Of course Serious and  E.M.S .began to panic. They began to recite all about the bacteria that the little child could get from the floor and the scientific evidence backing it up. Unexpected passed gas once more.

     “To what do we owe this horror? I mean honor?” Asked Serious. “No reason,” answered Unexpected. “I just felt it would be fun to come and visit.” Serious and E.M.S. looked at each other in confusion.  Serious quickly rushed and grabbed the “Book of Order,” rushing through the papers trying to find this. “No, no this is not possible,” said Serious. “It does not exist.” “But I am here,” said Unexpected. “Yes but this is a mistake. You will mess up the order!  Said E.M.S.

     E.M.S. went on a long dissertation on how 1 + 2 = 3. Unexpected bored out of his wits began looking around to see what she could do that was fun. The couch looked quite comfy! Unexpected began jumping up and down on it having a grand old time.  Serious and E.M.S.  stood not believing  their eyes. “That is not what couches are for!” said Serious. Unexpected ignored them he was having too much fun! He even knocked over the flower arrangement with its perfectly all white roses. The pillows were color coordinated.  “This is not fun,” he thought as he switched them up and resumed jumping.  E.M.S. was yelling for Unexpected to stop until… he noticed something.

     Not only did the couch look more beautiful this way with this pillow arrangement but he suddenly had a magnificent idea! His clients had been asking him for a new idea, an instantaneous jolt of intricate design for their new buildings. E.M.S. had not been able to come up with anything. There were only certain designs in the “Book of Order,” nothing else existed. E.M.S. realized something else was possible. It was brilliant! He was searching for years in the “Book of Order,” for a way to make this happen.  “I will one day,” he would say. He never gave up.  “There must be something that already exists in the world that we can use,” he thought. Now he realized that he was searching for something that already existed when he could have been searching all along for that which had not been created yet. Not only could it be done but he could take it to a whole another level!

   The child stopped jumping on the couch reached in his back pocket and handed a colorful book to Serious and E.M.S. entitled “Chaos.”  As they opened the book they noticed there was no writing in it only various sparkly creatures, images, shapes, and symbols, which changed constantly every ten seconds.

 This was the end of planet ridiculous, and the beginning of planet infinite possibility…




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