My Body Speaks


In sadness…

In sorrow…

In joy…

I dance.

My body rejoices no matter what.

It requests to move… to express,

To lift that which remains stagnant & blocked,

Every emotion,

Every feeling,

Comes alive,

Among my hands…



Legs & feet,




The entire body speaks,

It cannot lie,

I actually cannot control it,

Nor do I wish to,

I allow the body to release,

To express,

What is hidden beneath the surface.

No matter how long,

I allow us to dance away,

I give us all the time we require,

To lift all sorrows.

The more I let go…

The more my body and I feels…

I am no longer a captive within your reality or mine,

I am just being.

I am amazed at the clarity & diversity of movement,

If I ever grow wings I would imagine flight would feel like this.

There is only I now,

Everyone else’s thoughts, ideas, views, & feelings are no longer confused with mine,

I am me…

There is nothing other than expression,

It’s almost as if this is all my body has been requesting all along,

To move…

To dance…

The same as breathing.

I wonder what it would be like if no matter where I was …

In the middle of the city,

When an emotion or feeling arose I would burst into dance?

Allowing my body to feel it fully,

Express it,

The dance is telling my story…

There is no need for actual words,

Each movement utters a word,

The body speaks…

The story unravels in dance,

There is no need to state anything to you,

With dance you will know…

Dance is a form of speech…

My form of speech.

It is not just my throat that wishes to express…

But my entire body,

It all has something to share,

Every part of my being speaks to you,

Every muscle…

Every cell…

It is all alive,

I cannot be limited to the throat,

It all wishes to share something,

My whole being is free,

My whole body speaks…

It dances…



















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