Whispers of the Badger…


I am determined to be me,

I have dreams and goals,

Nothing will stand in the way,

I will settle for nothing else…

Nothing else exists.

There is no such thing as ‘impossible,’

Or ‘first I need to do this and that.’

Absolutely not!

I choose to be and create all that I desire,

There are no stepping stones,

The I is NOW,

Otherwise it will never be.

It will fade as an idea.

Commit no matter what you think stands in the way,

Or how hard you have been made to believe it is,

All the stories you have been told,

An illusion keeping us trapped so we cannot expand.

Burst into fire!


Allow your body to be an ocean,

Expand all over the world,

Create currents,



Or be perfectly still.

What do you desire at this moment in time?

Change direction at anytime,

When someone says “that is not possible,” or this and that,

Let it flow away life a gentle breeze,

Yes, it is not possible for THEM,

It sure is for you though,

It is YOUR dream.

Did Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, J.R.R. Tolkien,

Try to create something from an already existing possibility?

If they had said “its impossible” and followed an already instituted way,

Then they would have not created something different.

How do you think we got this far?

A refrigerator, a car, or specific job did not exist before,

Knowledge is not the same as it was 100 years ago,

Everything we have now was considered impossible in the past…

We are constantly discovering,

You know why?

Because of all of those who are willing to be,

Where impossible is just a word…

That simply blows away like the breeze,

If you want to walk, walk,

I choose to run..to dance…

I choose to be the energy of the badger…








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