Step Outside The Train


I discovered this song the other day and loved it. I got the thought  while dancing to it to write whatever comes to me from this song 🙂 Here is what came…



Riding a train…

In high speed,

Traveling through mountain tops,

Everything flashes by,

It all appears as an illusion.

I use my mind’s eye,

To slow it down,

“Damn it does not work!”

I try something different…

I allow my mind and body to get lost in it,

I become it,

Flashing by…


I do not control, nor am I controlled.

Not only can I withstand it,

I am no longer dizzy,

I am all that,

I am lost in the dance,

I see potential.

I can move even faster,

As I speed it up,

I can create whatever I want,

I can travel in between anything I choose,

Even in between the rivers.

I am the speed of light,

I am no longer the train,

I am outside of the train,

My body is the train,

But I extend WAY beyond that.

I extend out beyond all borders, past countries, and beyond…..

Until I am among each ocean, forest, animal, plant, human & planet.

I encompass everything,

There is everything and nothing.

It is all one, one thing,


That is all that exists, everything is just creation.

The creation of our reality,

Which is shaped by whether we choose to see through our eyes…

Or through our perception.

Nothing exists and everything exists.

Nothing exists permanently…

It is constantly changing,

One second to the next.

If we tried to stop, change, or control the train it would STOP.

Remaining right there where it sits.

People moving in and out,

Sitting & eating.

The train remains anchored.

A train that enjoys stability, routine, certainty, and answers.

No creation,

No movement can take place.


It no longer knows it is a train.

All it knows is what exists right there in front of it,

It does not realize it can move,


Expand and cover the world.

There is nothing else. Only the area in which it is anchored….

Nothing else exists.

It has never seen anything else therefore everything else is pure fantasy.

It will not try to move,

Or travel,

The train’s reality does not extend any further.

It remains there.

Perhaps until one day it becomes aware that this reality it has created is an illusion,

The train is not bound by anyone or anything,

It can be & go….

Speed as fast as it desires,

Creating a different reality,

& maybe some other trains will notice and realize they have that potential too…

The world will include more and more trains…




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