Sunlight Upon my Face


I am visiting Vancouver in Canada and its been raining or cloudy every day now for so long. Finally today there was about an hour where the sun came out…OMG how I love the sun! I am like a reptile, I live for the sun. I am so used to it to back in the Meditarenean there is pretty much always sun. Yup could not live somewhere where there is no sun for a long period of time! It’s one of life’s biggest joys for me, I love its feeling upon my reminded me of this that I had written 🙂


A thousand giggly kisses,

Twirling in the wind,

Rolling in the grass,

Adorning my body with paint,

Throwing leaves in the air,

Immersed in a plethora of flowers,

Indulging my taste buds in chocolate mousse,

Trying to reach the end of a rainbow,

Jumping in water puddles…

Or maybe a trampoline,

Brushing my hair so that appearing as a lion,

Climbing a tree,

Baking an unregistered gateau,

Jump rope,

-The sensations awakened as the sunlight touches my face.




Book cover-001.JPG


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