Men Unearthed


I just created this facebook page in honor of men and the beauty of men.

I have always found it interesting the emphasis that is placed on women and the physical. When we think of the word beauty, our minds gravitate towards the visual of a woman, a female figure. Perfect hair, curves, little clothing, a big smile, or seductive look.

Take a glance in the media, magazines, TV, the word beauty is always referenced in regards to women. Sensitivity, love, nurture are all qualities attributed to women. Do men also not carry these qualities? Are not all humans beautiful? What is beauty? Now maybe that is where the true question lies?

Beauty may be different for each person. What I consider beauty encompasses all nature, animals, humans. Beauty to me lies in love, honesty, truthfulness, happiness, courage, innocence, determination, passion, kindness, wisdom. It can be a child playing joyfully, a spider weaving a web, a butterfly fluttering away, the branch of a tree swaying in the wind, a dog running up and down a beach, a person saying hello as they pass you on the street, a man passionately surfing the waves, a woman breastfeeding her child. Beauty is expression, the expression of self.

Can sadness not be beautiful, attractive, sexy? How about contemplation? Anger, lust, desire, joy, thoughtfulness, sarcasm, arrogance, humor? Are they all not part of who we are? Our journey upon this life? Riding through the waves of emotions, acknowledging them, whatever they may be, “good” or “bad.” Being true to our feelings…essentially living, breathing in life…that is beautiful. Weaving into creation our own unique self.

Beauty does not hold a specific quality, age, color, shape, ethnicity, and most definitely not a specific gender. All life is beauty. Emotions, feelings, love…are found in all places. The expression & being of one’s life IS beautiful.

All these qualities that are viewed in women are found just as equally in men. There is no specific body type, height, color of eyes, that is more beautiful than the other. One’s beauty is individual. Men are full of emotion, feeling, love, as well however for some reason it is taboo to see men as such or at least to recognize and honor these qualities.

This facebook page will offer photos of men. It was created to honor the male spirit which I feel has been a little neglected through time. It is dedicated to all men but most essentially to that which is TRUE BEAUTY…that which we are and comes from inside, our own unique character, spirit and its expression.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. “
— Coco Chane






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