Your Own Way


“ I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but like everybody else, it must be in my own way.”

– Jane Austen


A little food for thought. I love spending time alone…I choose to spend 95% of my time alone…I fully enjoy it. I can love you to death yet I have NO problem, or need with seeing you once a year, or talking to you once a year.  My feelings or love for you don’t change they aren’t any less than if I saw you every day.  You can be my favorite person on the planet, and I see you only every two years. It is perfectly fine to me. It makes no difference to me. Yet this is not considered the norm correct?

Most people love being around others all the time. Going to social events, talking to people in person, or on phone, it’s a very different thing yet not everyone is like that. I am most definitely not like that. It has nothing to do with whether I like people or not…I love them very much so!  I enjoy spending time with people but on occasions and in small intimate groups. I love one on one. I just don’t feed off people (I mean that in a good way) I feed off myself. I just love spending time with myself.

Why is it that we have made it in the world that it is considered ok and normal for people to be around others all the time, otherwise not? I never got this. How come that is ok and choosing not to is considered “wrong?” It is simply a point of view, it really is, but yet it has become a general majority part of everyday living for everyone.

There is nothing wrong with being surrounded by people all the time, that’s great! But how about those of us who flourish on being otherwise? Both are beautiful! Both are correct.

I find it fascinating how someone just created this idea that we do these specific things and in groups, we go to parties, we have dinners etc. and we have made it into something “normal” that this is the way. Yet it is simply something we created, just one idea.  People choose it wonderful,  but what if that is not your choice? What if you desire and feel otherwise?

Do we need to be in the company of another in order to go out and do something? Do we deny ourselves the pleasure because we are “suppose” to do things in a group setting? If we want to go see a movie and have no other to accompany us why not do it anyway? Would you like take a walk in the park, go for a hike, climb a tree, experience a sunset, drink a glass of wine? Do it! J We do not have to rely on anyone to do what is fun for us.  It is our choice not anyone else’s.

It is just one of those things on the planet that always seemed odd to me, and I always asked why? A separation, making this good that bad…when it is simply different like everything in the world. For me it was always the opposite I always observed people thinking how strange it is that people are always wanting to be in groups. That mentality of the more the merrier. I find this very interesting  🙂

I have the funnest time with myself I really do. I am my best company. I am content. I could never get enough. I enjoy creating at every single moment of the day. Writing, taking photographs, dancing, or whatever that may be. I never get enough. If I said otherwise I would be lying…maybe people might think that’s odd but it is true for me….

“Every time we stomp down our introverted nature, we crush part of our soul in the process.”

~ Michaela Chung






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